The Bigsby Telecaster Project

Well the Telec-Art page has to go - for a while at least - I need the space for a new project I'm starting soon. The few pictures of TelecArt Telecasters (those with a Bigsby tail) have been moved to the gallery page.

The last few weeks Ive been thinking on making another Telecaster. Well actually it is the Telecaster I saw first Butterscotch Blond with B-16 Bigsby and a Charlie Christian pickup. I started a guitar builder course and this is the one I want to build from scratch. I found on Ebay a bigsby B16 and I have a spare 52 RI neck. First sketch is ready and you see it here below.

It is not a solid body, I want to make it a Thinline - and to go all the way It will get double binding. The F hole is not so a standard Fender Thinline F hole but a more Gretsch type Cats Eye. I call it the CCsweetB16. Special will be the Lollar Charlie Christian Tele neck pickup I want to use. Pickguard is a standard 50s Reissue black bakelite which will be cut to spec. Bridge PU I dont know yet, Im thinking on that a Duncan Lil59 has crossed my mind or even a Barden (if I could get one). Switch will be 4-way.
I'm still fiddling with the "F"-hole placing. Probably a little smaller, slight more curved. Below are some sketches of the "F"-hole to be. The tele pictured on the right does have the original thinline F-hole.